by Sandy Brandvold

Inspired by the success of the quilting project started by Dottie and Suzanne, I decided to get involved by developing a card program to raise additional funds for the children of El Shaddai Orphanage.

I started by enlisting the help of gifted friends to donate their time, materials, or inspiration in the creation of fabric postcards. The original postcards were then scanned and reproduced as either photo cards or note cards.  As our collection of handmade postcards grew, we decided to market sets of similar note cards online and also sell some of the original postcards within our community. 

Below are examples of two gift sets that can be purchased for $15 each plus S/H.  Each has five note cards that measure 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".

  African Scenes 1 Painted Greeting Cards

Whimsical Creatures Whimsical Creatures

Soon we were asked to create custom fabric postcards for individuals/companies that desired to not only sponsor our orphans but have personalized note cards printed for their own use.  For more information on how this program works, please contact me.

So that more people could share the beauty of the quilts designed and stitched by the children, we next created a line of quilt replicas.  Again, a set of five note cards can be purchased in our Marketplace for $15 plus S/H.

Quilt Replicas 1 Quilt Greeting Cards

For those that prefer glossy photos we have created framed photo cards.  They are larger (4" x 6" photo in a 5" x 7" colored mat) to allow more room for written messages.  They look great slipped into a larger frame and hung on the wall!  $4.50 each or all five for $20.00.  S/H of $1.50 for 1-5 cards.  Contact me for S/H rates for larger quantities.

Meastro Greeting Card
Puppy Love Greeting Card
It takes a village Greeting Card
Jungle Buddies Greeting Card
Roosters Greeting Card

Purchase all five framed photo cards. $20.00

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